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A High Quality Touring Ski Might be Right for You 

A High Quality Touring Ski Might be Right for You 

By Riley Troyer When I look at the wall of cross-country skis in the shop that I work at, sometimes even I get overwhelmed. As ski technology has boomed in the last decade, so has the specialization of equipment. There are skis specifically for racing in cold, hard packed conditions, skis for backcountry expeditions in soft snow above freezing and skis for every condition in between. This diversity is great, for some people. However, for many, gaining a few extra seconds in a race isn’t that important and surviving the 30th day of an expedition isn’t a situation they are likely to encounter. Instead, many skiers would like to just forget about the equipment and enjoy the benefits of skiing whenever and wherever they like. If this sounds like you then it might be worth trying out a pair of high quality, light, touring skis. A decent touring ski such as the Madshus Birkebeiner or Beitostolen will be constructed from top notch materials. The base of the ski is made from a sintered P-tex which is much better at accepting wax than the cheaper extruded base, so the ski can be fine tuned to whatever conditions you are skiing in. A sintered base also allows the skis to be easily stoneground. If, after a few years the bases have developed some nice scratches or are uneven a good stonegrinding will take them back to new ski quality. However, the base is just the start. Carbon fiber among other materials are used in the ski body. This means that the ski will be much lighter than one of lower quality.... read more
Garmin Index Smart Scale: Metrics for a Full Circle of Wellness

Garmin Index Smart Scale: Metrics for a Full Circle of Wellness

I’m not big into New Year’s resolutions that don’t accompany an action plan. And I tread lightly around any resolution that includes weight loss since I’m not actually overweight by medical standards. However, from a training perspective, my body composition needs improvement before my training load increases this May. I purchased the Garmin Index Smart Scale just after the holidays to track those measurements and provide the information I need to craft better meal plans. This method worked wonders two years ago when I used a simple scale that gave me weight and body fat percentage. The Garmin Index Smart Scale provides those measurements in addition to muscle mass, bone mass, and water percentage. Then it immediately shoots the metrics to Garmin Connect via Wi-Fi; compatible with Bluetooth and ANT wireless connectivity. No more punching the numbers manually. I just open Garmin Connect, check out the graph, and analyze the change in metrics over time. The Garmin Index Smart Scale recognizes 16 users with a battery life around 9 months on 4 AA batteries (included). It is one of the measurements in Garmin’s Full Circle of Wellness and Weight Management. Plus, it’s a stylish black glass that’s easy to clean. So far, so good. I’ve lost close to ten pounds since Christmas; about 1 percent of it body fat. Not every day is perfect, but having a full picture to work with keeps me from getting discouraged. And I’m confident that I will reach a good body composition by race day without using some crazy, harmful dieting method. Rachael Kvapil is a local triathlete who actively researches nutrition methods,... read more
Local Runner Proposes A New Winter Running Alternative: Altra Lone Peak Neoshell

Local Runner Proposes A New Winter Running Alternative: Altra Lone Peak Neoshell

I became a fan of Altras last summer race season and decided to try the Altra Lone Peak Neoshell shoes as an alternative winter training shoe. For the past few winters I’ve used Icebugs because they are insulated and have built in spikes. I was excited when Run Manager Stacy Fisk mentioned that Altra had come out with a shoe suited for winter running. I decided to try them out at the start of the winter season. And I’m glad I did. The shoes had a quick breaking-in period– one local 10K race in a moderate temperature of 12 degrees. My feet were warm and dry; and despite the rule of never wearing anything new on race day, the shoes served me well. I have been wearing the Lone Peak Neoshells for 2 months now, through all kinds of conditions including freshly fallen snow, and temperatures down to -25 degrees. Two weeks ago, I wore them to run a half marathon and later for a six mile race in my snowshoes. Everytime my feet have been warm, dry, and very happy. People have been asking me about the Neoshells because they stand out here in Alaska where most outdoor winter runners wear Icebugs or Salomons. I think these Neoshells are worth a try for winter running. I am happy with my choice and I plan on spreading the word. ~Cathi Batchelder, Top 10 Finisher in the 2015 Usibelli Cup Women’s... read more

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Goldstream Sports provides knowledgeable, friendly service to cyclists, runners, and cross-country skiers. Our full-service shop in Alaska’s beautiful Goldstream valley specializes in quality bicycles, skis, running shoes, clothing, parts and accessories. Our team of professionals offer personalized sales advice, custom fitting, and expert service and repairs. Goldstream Sports is Fairbanks’ premier biking, running, and skiing shop.

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